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In order to provide you with a complete understanding of your vehicle’s condition, all cosmetic imperfections are assigned a specific level to help you understand the scope of each individual imperfection:

Level 1 imperfections involve standard wear associated with normal vehicle usage. The marks are faint, located in low visibility areas, and may oftentimes be unnoticeable. Scratches are less than 1" in length. Scuffs, stains and discolorations tend to be smaller than the size of a thumb print. Dents or dings are less than 1/2 inch in diameter. Repair work on these imperfections often includes minor paint touch ups, additional detailing and buffing.


Level 2 imperfections are generally described as minor defects or wear located in higher visibility areas. Scratches are between 1" to 3" in length. Scuffs, stains and discolorations are minor in degree and no larger than the size of a standard post-it note. Dents or dings are approximately 1" inch in diameter and no deeper than 1/8 of an inch. Repairs on these imperfections generally include minor paint work, interior steam cleaning and general dent repair.


Level 3 imperfections include defects or wear that is highly noticeable and more significant than standard wear. Scratches may exceed 3” in length. Scuffs, stains and discolorations are more substantial and may exist in highly visible areas. Dents or dings tend to be greater than ½ inch in diameter. Repair on these imperfections is minimal because the defect is incapable of being corrected or the cost to do so is excessive.